Welcome to Bodega Los Frutales, a magical winery nestled in the breathtaking Ronda Sierras, where the vines are kissed by the warm sun and surrounded by verdant hills that create a stunning natural amphitheatre

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A lively blend of citrus and red berry flavours that dance on your palate.

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With its delicate and fruity aroma, it transports you to the Spanish countryside.

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Our story

With great pride and passion, we cultivate our grapes with utmost care, handpicking each and every one at the perfect moment to create award-winning wines that are nothing short of exceptional.

Experience the enchantment of our vineyard and discover the artistry of our winemaking process, as we lovingly craft each bottle to perfection. Immerse yourself in the unique terroir that makes our wines so extraordinary, and savour the flavours of pure excellence.

Join us on a journey through the vines and discover the essence of our beloved Ronda region, as we invite you to taste the beauty and romance of our award-winning wines.

About us

The people

Juan Bernal has been the winemaker at Bodega Los Frutales for over a decade. Juan has made wine at prestigious chateaux in France through to own project in Jerez. Juan is a particular expert on soil and vineyard management.

Joe Fattorini is the marketing director for Bodega Los Frutales. Joe has been in the wine business for more than thirty years and presents The Wine Show, the world's most popular wine television programme. Bodega Los Frutales is his first role within a winery.

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From the robust and rich Cabernet Sauvignon to the refreshing and aromatic Malvasia, our grapes are a true expression of the diversity of the region.

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The winemaking history of Ronda can be traced back to the Roman Empire when the region was known as Acinipo, which means “land of grapes.” During the medieval period, the Moors also cultivated grapes and made wine in the area.

Winemaking in Ronda

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Great wine begins with a deep respect for the natural world. We strive to create a vineyard ecosystem that is sustainable, diverse, and self-sufficient.

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The magic of the land and the rhythm of the seasons come together to create wines that are simply divine.

Joe Fattorini Bodega Los Frutales

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